Band members

Kevin Imbrechts
Nico Kennes
drums, vocals

Upcoming events

No upcoming events

After a few detours the rock duo Mosquito from Leuven formed in 2008. Over the last few years the band created a unique sound, combining noise and stoner influences with math- and post-rock. The release of their fifth EP, ‘The Age of the Image’, opened up a lot of opportunities for Mosquito. They played as support act for artists like Mark Stewart, Toe, Premonition 13 (Wino), Radical Slave (Mauro Pawlowski) and Blood Red Shoes. While Mosquito got familiar with the Belgian club circuit - Vooruit, Charlatan, Kinky Star, Botanique, Magasin 4, Muziekodroom - not only did they get picked up by Studio Brussel, Humo, De Morgen, Gonzo(cicus) and Vice, they also received international airplay in Germany and the U.S. Are you curious how it all started for this duo, or do you just want to hear some juicy backstage stories? Check out the video above!